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Leaky or damaged roof? Not ready to invest in a new roof right now? Our "Roof Rehab" programs may be just what your looking for. We have 3 different packages to meet your needs and budget.

1 Year no leak warranty

1 Year no leak warranty

3 Year no leak warranty & certification.

All roof packages include the following 12 point services:

- Seal 2-3 leaks*
- Replace 20 - 90 missing shingle tabs*
- Seal around chimney
- Repair nail pop through
- Secure loose flashing
- Seal & re-secure vents
- Seal around sanitary pipes
- Seal leaky valleys
- Clean large debris from roof
- Check & secure ridge & hip caps
- Check for blocked downspouts
- Re-nail loose gutter spikes

*Items & amounts very depending on the packages you choose.
*Roofs over an 8 /12 pitch additional fees apply.

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Customer Testimonials
Excellent job, thanks Shingle King!
Shingle King Home Improvements is a shing example of a busines sthat is well run and delivers on it promises. We have a fifteen year history of dealing with Mr. Crawford. Their workmanship is second-to-none and they stand behind their product every step of the way. I highly recommend them.
Mary Evarts, Sylvania, Oh
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